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Yawning and Stretching     28m20s  audio media MP3

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   Here is a unique and revolutionary technique. Practice it when you need to relax or before going to sleep. In order to fully benefit from this relaxation, it is essential to be lying down, on your back and to listen, until the end, the voice which guides you.
   However, if you feel the urge to sleep, do not resist, let sleep come naturally. This yawning session will bring you an accrued sense of appeasement and rest.

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The Stairway to Peace      32m23s  audio media MP3

   This visualization will help you relax, will also relieve your stress, your fears, your concerns while replenishing your body and your spirit with renewed energy. Climbing the stairway to peace liberates damageable feelings which hinder our evolution. Instead, it fills us with confidence, love, satisfaction and joy of living. I highly recommend you to practice this relaxation for 28 consecutive days. It is the time required for our subconscious to liberate itself from its former mindset and enables it to create new ones.

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